‘Venetian red [a performance]’ was inspired by ‘Venetiaans Rood’ — a mural painting of Johan Van Oord. The mural evokes artistic mechanisms that resonate with Christine Ayo’s most recent research into notating cultural performances in ways that function as archives and invitation for liveness. According to the Boijmans Van Beuningen museum collection archive, Van Oord approached this painting like a dance composition with its own rhythm— in which he took the position as a choreographer, working with a restricted distance of 11 cm between each form that mathematically flow and connect into each other. It’s from this position of choreography that Ayo created a performance from the visual rhythms emanating from ‘Venetian Red’.


This performance was created in collaboration with Ayo for Print and Play X Boijmans Hillevliet Exhibition. 


November 2020.